Brentwood Bay Wellness Centre’s Story

Meet Natasha, Steve and Renu from the Brentwood Bay Wellness Centre. They are the Coaches, Therapists and Counselors offering Self-Wellness and Team & Leadership Workshops, Individual Sessions and Retreats at the award winning 5-star Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa.

The Brentwood Bay Resort and Wellness Centre is a destination resort located in beautiful Victoria, BC that provides simple, effective, and solution-focused approaches to help you, your team and your staff maximize potential in body, mind and spirit. They offer a variety of wellness services, including individual coaching or counselling sessions, and group workshops on business or personal self-leadership growth and development.

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The amazing thing is, these workshops and sessions are for literally everyone. Whether you are a CEO, a government worker, in transition, have your own startup or are a student, they offer efficient and transformative change for your organization or yourself by addressing human issues, leading to greater accomplishment of goals and better individual, team, and organizational performance.
But let me tell you a little bit about the three “coaches” we had the pleasure of meeting.
Renu: (far left), is a Clinical Counselor with a BSc in Nutrition and Health and a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology who offers one-on-one clinical counselling and psychotherapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. She also offers Empowerment Coaching for enhanced self-awareness and greater self-esteem for teens and women.
Natasha: (in the middle) has her master’s degree in business and offers business coaching and is a business analyst. She focuses on the culture of organizations, team and leadership development, and change management. Natasha is a Human Element® facilitator.
Steve: (far right) is an experienced therapist for 35 years. He offers one on one coaching for career transitions and brings his focus on what your purpose and passions are, as well as analyzing if you are on your right path. Steve is also a Licensed Therapist and provides one-on-one therapy and coaching. Steve is a Master Human Element® Facilitator.

Their elite programs include The Human Element® and The Implicit Career Search®.

These courses were created to maximize individual, team, and organizational potential and shift the way in which people work together and solve problems.
Just in case you have never heard of The Human Element® program, it was brought to life by Will Schutz, PhD 35 years ago.

The idea behind it is to create Principles (Principles for creating continuous, positive change) Theory (A simple framework for understanding human behavior, motivation, team dynamics, and team functioning) and Practice (Practice speaking openly and accountably, having difficult conversations, and improving group functioning and problem-solving)

If you would like to learn more about the amazing programs they offer, go to their website and check for upcoming workshops.