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Share My Story

Share My Story was born because we want to give back to our community, meet incredible business owners, build connections and spread awareness.

With our Share My Story initiative, we can offer local businesses a chance to spread the word, share their story and build a close-knit community. We find that getting to know business owners and their businesses, learning the little details and stories, not only brings us closer together but raises awareness and referral rates.


The only “requirements” let’s call it, would be that have a store or office where you sell/offer your product/services and that you love what you do. If you work from home and would like to have your story shared by us, we can do that as well, but we’d need to meet at a market or show you take part in.

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I definitely liked and appreciated your ‘Share My Story’ initiative. It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Both of you made me feel at ease during the interview and were able to get me to come out of my shell with your great questions and friendly personalities. I loved the images and write up that resulted from the meeting. It’s a wonderful way to showcase local businesses, as well as to build a sense of community. And the fact that you did it all on your own time and without payment, … it’s just all very much appreciated from my end. I feel that you two went above and beyond and I cannot think of a way to improve on it. Thank you so much for everything. You guys rock!
Maria Miller , Maria Miller Studios
We really enjoyed being able to participate in the SMS; it gave us the chance to connect with another small business in Victoria, which we love to do, and let people know more about us and the products we create. It’s really amazing to watch Victoria’s small business community grow (from services to handmade crafters) and get to know the people in the community who support each other, and to be a part of that is even better!
Robyn & Beki , Artisanal Booty

Share My Story is such a great initiative that we were happy to participate in. Carina and Ash made it so easy to get involved. They were great to work with as they made the logistics easy, did their background research, and were genuinely interested in our business. And the best part, they have stayed in touch and been so supportive! We would definitely recommend them to work with as it gave us an opportunity to share our story with a wider audience.

Lara, Water Baby
I loved the easy going and open nature exuded by Carina and her Share my Story initiative. She agreed to meet me in my own space and was able to capture my “vibe” effortlessly with both photos and words. I felt that she genuinely supported my vision and appreciated that she kept in touch about how she could continue to support my business. It is clear the Share my Story initiative is out there to help entrepreneurs grow and be truly seen. Such valuable work, thank you!
Emily, Yoga with Emily
Networking is so important for a small business in Victoria. With thoughtful and well-prepared questions, Carina and Ash helped connect me with other small business owners and clients through their feature on Instagram. Their support on social media since the feature has also continued to bring interest in my small business – a very valuable service!
Melissa, Wychbury Ave
The Founders of Svice Online Marketing are knowledgable, down to earth and so easy to work with. I had a piece created and photographed in the Spring and really enjoyed the experience. Thank you again for your professionalism, community mindedness and support.
Candace, Thistle and Wren
The “Share My Story” feature that Svice has created is a fantastic opportunity for local small businesses to engage with a broader audience online. Carina is approachable and enthusiastic, and volunteers her skills to showcase the talents of local entrepreneurs. She engaged with our story and skillfully encapsulated the wealth of information we provided her into approachable narratives that highlighted our journey as chocolate makers and introduced people to the art of creating chocolate from the cocoa bean to the final bar. It was wonderful to see our story shared and we look forward to working with Svice for future online marketing needs.
Stephanie Sketchley , Uncouth Chocolate