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Caterpillar Geek Girl’s Story

We are super excited to Share our latest Share My Story featuring Alice, owner of Caterpillar Geek Girl with you.
Caterpillar Geek Girl offers geeky handmade buttons, magnets, cards, embroidery and tote bags.
Most of them have quirky quotes from movies and shows, offering the perfect opportunity to out yourself as a true fan.

Apart from creating for Caterpillar Geek Girl, Alice is also working on a documentary. (“These stories belong to us” a look at fanfiction as a whole) Alice’s journey with Caterpillar geek girl started because she was doing a Kickstarter for her fan fiction documentary and one of the rewards for it was going to be buttons. So, she did the only logical thing and bought a button machine. ????

“I’m a geek girl so, caterpillar geek girl, that’s me.”

Buttons and Magnets

At the current point, Alice has 216 designs of buttons on display.

Most of them feature lines like “We Were On A BREAK” – from Friends or “Proud member of S.P.E.W. Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare” – from Harry Potter.

Apart from buttons, Alice also offer magnets. The really cool part about this, is that Alice can turn all of her designs into a magnet on the spot. So, if you find a button you absolutely love and would like to have a magnet of it as well, Alice can make that happen for you.


Alice has a connection to all of her designs one way or the other.
A lot of them have quotes from shows or movies that only a true fan would know. The type of fan that can recite every episode to you and will remember everything that has ever happened in that show or movie. She told me that “When somebody notices a weird little something that I’ve got, and they are like “Oh my gosh you got this??!!” And then they buy it and I made their day, those interactions just make me super happy and everything worth it.”

If you are ready to show your inner geek to the world, make sure to stop by one of the markets Alice will be attending this winter or visit her on her Etsy shop and Social Media Channels.
Upcoming Markets: First Chance Christmas Craft Fair, Winter Fair, Kris Kringle Craft Market, Nerdy Days of Xmas.

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