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Share My Story

Here You Will Find A Collection Of Incredible Local Businesses That We Featured In Our Share My Story Initiative.
Due to COVID-19 we had to take a bit of a break but have decided to offer live interviews to local businesses.
If you would like to get your businesses featured, give us a call!

Laksiat’s Story

Leanne helps her customers through personalized signage, and brings her clients ideas to life! Wether you are looking for, mask holders, garden plant lables, pieces for a board game or have a unique idea you would like to get printed, Laksiat is able to help!

Jessica Craig’s Story

With its focus in sale, merger and/or acquisitions, or recapitalizations, valuations or succession planning, Pacific M&A and Business Brokers has the local knowledge with a global reach to professionally guide and help you in the achievement of your goals.

How to setup Google Analytics on your website

Google Analytics is a must-have tool to gain insights into how users are interacting with your website. In this post we will go over the steps you can take to set up and install Google Analytics so you can eliminate the guesswork and focus on stats that matter in order to make data driven-decisions.

Melissa Huston’s Story

"A lot of people don’t realize that our largest asset is actually ourselves and our ability to work. If anything happens to that, it doesn’t take long before your life can really change in a lot of ways you may not want it to. Having protection for those types of situations is really important.”

Drop the Plastic’s Story

Drop the Plastic is a local non for-profit organization on a mission to promote and protect healthy waterways, biodiversity and human health through the reduction of plastic waste across Canada.

Down to earth nursery’s story

Just in time for the holiday season we met with the wonderful people at Down to earth nursery, where we learned about their awesome Christmas workshops and the incredible selection of premium cut and live Christmas trees here in Victoria BC.

Decor by Nature’s Story

Decor by nature specializes in design and decor inspired by nature and the West Coast. Melanie uses wood, canvas, paper and unique local materials for her designs.

Hey Baby’s Story

Hey Baby! is a local children’s clothing company offering soft, comfortable, grow-with-me clothing that is also incredibly stylish.

Flynns VR’s Story

Flynns VR offers their customers an absolute unique virtual reality experience, similar to stepping through a portal to different worlds.

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