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Medicine NEST’s Story

We had the great pleasure to meet with Kali Moon, owner, practitioner and visionary of Medicine NEST.

Medicine NEST is a safe place for conscious exploration and transformative healing through hand-crafted workshops, specialized healing services, semi-private yoga & meditation sessions and sacred gathering.

Since the Grand Opening of Medicine Nest in September of 2018, Kali has brought together a group of holistic healers offering a wide variety of treatments, ceremonies and gatherings. You will find that the services offered at Medicine Nest range anywhere from acupuncture and massage to tea ceremonies, yoga and meditation.

“I find with tea, the simplicity behind it is really just in giving people the permission to get quiet and to carve out that time and space for stillness. And when we show up for Tea, she shows up for us, too. So the benefits are of many”

Tea Ceremony

Before Kali and I started our interview, she invited me to partake in a small tea ceremony. After she had poured both of us some tea, we sat in  silence and enjoyed the moment of calmness while drinking our tea.

I have to say that I really love the idea of meditating over a cup of tea. I usually find it pretty hard to try and focus on “nothing” during a meditation, but simply having a bowl of tea in my hands and focusing on that, made a huge difference.

After the ceremony Kali told me, “when we start to create reverence around a practice, especially tea, which seems so mundane and ordinary, we can take something as simple as drinking tea and turn it into a ceremony, making  it sacred. Often times people come to the ceremonies and will say “I will never look at tea the same way”. They have now cultivated a relationship with the plant, and they know that when they really get still with it, their meditation can become very calm and grounded.”

But let me tell you a little more about Kali and her role in Medicine Nest. Apart from offering Tea ceremonies, Kali also offers energy healing, yoga therapy, and many different types of ceremony and gatherings.

One type of gathering Kali offers, are called moongate gatherings. It’s a sacred gathering of ceremony, movement and sisterhood. During the gathering, you will join a group of women for lunar yoga, astrology wisdom, a sharing circle, and often guest co-facilitators. You will talk about your relationship with the sun and the moon (aka masculine vs feminine energy) and how they can support one another in your personal life. Kali told me that the lunar yoga practice is designed so that you can move the body in certain ways to activate individual energy channels that align with the moon frequency! It is a time and space for women to come together and to feel the support of sisterhood while working together to become their best selves.

A Place of Healing

Medicine Nest as a whole, really focuses on serving as a place of healing and being.

You have your private practice to really be supported 1 on 1 with a practitioner and then they have the events of tea ceremony, moongate gatherings and guest workshops which are available for you to continue that work in a community setting.

The different practitioners, gatherings, events and workshops are created in a way to serve you to receive the medicine and healing that you are needing to explore whatever is going on in your life. The practitioners are there to hold you through whatever it is that you are going through. Whether this be through acupuncture, massage or energy healing. It truly is a spa for your soul.

If you are you looking for a place of stillness and support, make sure to check them out on their social media channels (@themedicinenest).