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Flynns VR’s Story

We had the great opportunity to meet with Scott owner of Flynns VR, a virtual reality arcade in the heart of Langford BC.

Flynns VR offers their customers an absolute unique experience, similar to stepping through a portal to different worlds, where you can feed giraffes in the Serengeti, fly through space, dive to the titanic and find old artifacts or venture through haunted houses.

Since they first opened their doors on February 16th 2019 they have been an absolute sensation for kids and adults alike. The name Flynns VR, relates to the movie Tron, which Scott saw as a kid and which ultimately got him hooked on this type of technology.

“I had a really bad day one day and my wife surprised me with an hour of Virtual Reality. This turned a really bad day into an awesome day. It was game changing. I quickly realized that it was something I could offer to people but in a better way.”

Birthday parties

How better to spend your birthday than playing exciting tournaments with your friends or painting 3D art in between cake eating brakes?

Scott told me that birthday parties at Flynns VR are all about having fun. He will play some music, put Happy birthday banners up and run tournaments for the kids where they can compete against each and watch big 50-inch screens to follow the whole spectacle.

Another amazing perk of VR is that you burn about 10 kcal a minute. Especially with today’s kids wanting to play video games at all times, this in an amazing way to get them moving while giving them something to do.

Scott told me that “Accessibility really is the big message. You don’t have to be a gamer to do this. In fact, its more fun if you are not because it’s all brand new. You can do everything you can’t do in real life.”

So even if you have never played a video games before, this experience is definitely not one you want to miss out on!
With over 100 games to try out there is no limit to how many adventures you can go on.
You could also bring your significant other and have a date night playing Ping-Pong on the Himalayan mountains, or you could fly solo as a dragon experiencing the thrill of gliding through vast skies.

SO much more than just a game

Apart from VR being an incredible fun experience, it can also be used for educational and therapeutic reasons.

Scott told me that VR can help cure phobias, help you deal with PTSD and really conquer mind over matter. Furthermore, Scott told me that Children with autism respond incredibly well to this technology.

Another huge part of VR is education. Surgeons, aircraft mechanics and even the Toronto Maple Leafs all train in Virtual Reality nowadays. Scott told me that he believes that VR really is the future of everything.

If we have you bouncing of the wall with excitement by now, let me give you a little info on the options you can choose from. You can choose between a Virtual Reality Session for $24.99/h, Birthday Party & Events for $87.50/h or Virtual Reality To Go for $166.00/h where you will be able to play the best VR on the planet from the comfort of your own home, office or event location. Book your session here.

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