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Melissa Huston’s Story

"A lot of people don’t realize that our largest asset is actually ourselves and our ability to work. If anything happens to that, it doesn’t take long before your life can really change in a lot of ways you may not want it to. Having protection for those types of situations is really important.”

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Drop the Plastic’s Story

Drop the Plastic is a local non for-profit organization on a mission to promote and protect healthy waterways, biodiversity and human health through the reduction of plastic waste across Canada.

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Down to earth nursery’s story

We met with the wonderful people at Down to earth nursery, where we learned about their awesome Christmas workshops & the incredible selection of premium cut and live Christmas trees in Victoria BC.

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Medicine NEST’S Story

Medicine NEST is a safe place for conscious exploration and transformative healing through hand-crafted workshops, specialized healing services, semi-private yoga & meditation sessions and sacred gathering.

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